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Green Day, Billie Joe its relationship with religion and his music

When asked about Billie Joe said about religion:
"I have nothing against religion," says Armstrong. "But some religions try to take advantage of people's blind faith. I'm all for spirituality. There is nothing more spiritual than the Rock 'n' Roll ".
It seems to Billie Joe is concerned about the issue of religion, he says have nothing against it, what the critic is to people taking advantage of people's faith.
That reminds me of something John Lennon said "There is only one God, and that's not the clergy is enriched as charlatans."
It seems that there is a point of equivalence between the views of the two, despite being from different generations.
The other day I saw an interview he did with Green Day on his song East Jesus Nowhere and members said this:
"There is enough hypocrisy in religion in general, some people use to justify revenge, others use it for financial gain and for whatever, many people abused the faith of the people"
Green Day raised a just cause, sometimes one wonders why the priests are millionaires?, If they are supposed to be humble and poor, and if they have money they must leave everything to the low economic class, that would be correct.
Nobody knows exactly the relationship that Billie Joe and his friends have with God, that is personal to them, but it's good to know there are rock bands that are able to be direct in their opinions, if something can not be Green Day is to deny his honesty.
In the past fought its way against the Bush administration, with no drama, no fear in this disc are just as honest, not only about religion, also on society in general, if they want to hear real music that speaks about life listen to Green Day, not only songs from his latest album, listen to previous albums, this band has it all: happy and sad songs, songs that do reflect on the life, songs against the politics , the mind of Billie Joe is amazing, the characters think fictiosos as Jesus of Suburbia, Whatsername, Christian, Gloria, this man is a genius, has a unique imagination.
If you personally ask me what Green Day album I recommend for your music?, I shall reply Kerplunk, this album is a work of art for my taste.
But if you ask me what Green Day album I recommend for your lyrics? I will answer Warning, this album is probably the most positive lyrics Green Day, in Warning is very noticeable influence on the Beatles.
And of course, I recommend his latest album "21st Century Breakdown", 18 songs are on this disc. Is there any band in recent years to make an album with many songs?, have million bands in the world, of different genres, but there is only one like Green Day.

Boris Esteban Bernal Castillo.
South America - Ecuador.

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